The US put pressure on allies and "ban" the idea of creating an independent Palestine

The US put pressure on allies and The Palestinian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Faed Mustafa told about the results of 2014 and the prospects of obtaining the status of an independent Palestinian state, correspondent .According to him, last year was difficult for the Palestinian people, as well as for Russia. However, he expressed confidence that the Russian "friends" are able to overcome the economic and financial difficulties because "the Russian people will always stand on the side of the leadership of the country.". . . . . Read more -->

"Cybermarket": SBU planned provocation under Volnovaha during the month

Hacker group "Cybermarket" reported on its website that by hacking the computers of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine was produced a number of documents that we are talking about the preparation of a terrorist attack under the Volnovaha, which should be charged with the power block DND, correspondent ."We Cybermarket by technical penetration into the computers of employees of the Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region has at its disposal electronic documents, confirming that the terrorist attack and murder civilians near a checkpoint nearby, Volnovaha 13.01.2015, was planned and carried out by the Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region. This crime, as well as the use of resonance around him in order to discredit the leadership and volunteers of the Donetsk national Republic was carried out in the framework of the order of the First Deputy Head of the SBU - head of the Antiterrorist center of the security service of Ukraine Colonel-General Vasily Sergeyevich Hrytsak. To control the execution of the above activities was entrusted to the head of the CSO "And" SBU Colonel Gennady Ivanovich Kuznetsov," reads the website.Here are scans of documents and their translation into Russian language"In the framework of an information campaign to discredit the power of the so-called "Donetsk national Republic" (DND), and Luhansk national Republic" (LNR) please plan and report suggestions for activities provocative, the results of which may lead to charges militants "DND" and "LNR" in the deaths of civilians. Separately require to report about the use of units CSO "And" regional bodies of the security service of Ukraine," reads the letter of Hrytsak name Kuznetsova, dated December 12, 2014.These letters go with the note "information campaign on charges of the power block so-called "Donetsk national Republic" (DND), and Luhansk national Republic" (LNR) in civilian deaths.In particular, in one of the letters is given a report on what measures does DND and LNR to discredit the Ukrainian security forces in the information field. The following tells you what measures information support taken in connection with the murder of bus passengers under Volnovaha, in particular, to post articles and information materials that are in a certain key serves the attack. In the third letter, an information campaign on charges DND and LNR in the deaths of civilians goes according to plan."In addition to the direct evidence presented above, we wish to emphasize the fact that in the case of the tragedy of the Boeing flight MN-17, and in the case of the tragedy of the bus near the checkpoint nearby, Volnovaha - response officials, and the President of Ukraine was a breeze. Read more -->

The CPS will begin unannounced inspections of restaurants and shops

The CPS will begin unannounced inspections of restaurants and shopsCPS got the right suddenly to check out the restaurants and shops. The Agency is ready to start unscheduled inspections of catering, supermarkets and food producers from January 23, Izvestia reports.Now saninspektsiya may not be notified of your visit, if you check for the quality and safety of products. Previously, the law required to prevent not less than a day.As noted in the CPS, unscheduled inspections did not give results, as the violators have time to cover their tracks, to dismiss retroactively or to send on vacation all responsible for the quality of goods or services.The reason for the CPS unscheduled inspections may be, for example, the complaint of consumers. . . . Read more -->

On the border of China and Myanmar, the third day of the fierce battle continues

On the border of China and Myanmar, the third day of the fierce battle continuesGovernment forces in Myanmar (Burma) found in the North of the country near Birman-Chinese border 26 camps militia national minority Karen and 16th January undertook a large-scale operation to destroy them, according to the Chinese edition of "Guoji czisjanj".In its course are six combat aircraft, 105-year-millimeter guns and heavy mortars, however, in remote and covered with a dense forest areas, their use does not bring significant results and the government army, surrounding the camp carries a significant loss of killed and wounded.In a combat zone blocked a large number of civilians, including several hundred citizens of the PRC. Because of the continuing hostilities they lack water, food and medicines. On the evening of the 17th of January was declared a truce in order to provide citizens the opportunity to leave the conflict zone, but the 18th clashes continued with renewed vigor.Chinese military experts believe that the host nation Karen is 1-2 thousand people, while the government last autumn was sent to the North of the country, several thousand soldiers.Thus, there is no doubt that the superiority in numbers of manpower and technical equipment will allow Myanmar army ultimately prevail, however, in the difficult conditions of the tropical forests of the conflict could drag on indefinitely.It should be noted that shortly before the beginning of the conflict the government of China and Myanmar have reached an agreement on the construction near the border of large hydropower plants and the joint development of mineral resources.At the same time, in 2013 the government of Myanmar began to establish relations with the United States.In addition, the national minorities of the North, Myanmar has historically been closely associated with the indigenous population of the South-Western provinces of China. . . . Read more -->

Former Director of the UCT extended the house arrest

Former Director of the UCT extended the house arrestToday on the decision of the Verkh-Isetsky court of Yekaterinburg, former Director of the UCT Alexander Miroshnyk extended the house arrest until February 19.As told in the press service of the court, the investigator gave the petition to the court for an extension of detention under arrest for a period of preliminary investigation, due to the fact that you need to conduct some investigative and procedural actions.Recall, on November 21, Alexander Miroshnik solution of Verkh-Isetsky district court was placed under house arrest for two months. In addition, during the investigation, he dismissed.Alexander Miroshnik was arrested in November in the workplace. He passes a suspect in the earlier criminal case under article "Abuse of authority".Earlier in October this year in the office, municipal TTU in the framework of the criminal case were searched. According to investigators, NTM-a officials signed the papers on the construction and installation works on the objects of the enterprise, which in reality was not conducted. In the accounts of the enterprise disappeared 650 thousand rubles Note, in the office TTU and houses a number of company officials, including the current Director Alexander Miroshnik searches took place in June this year. Some time later, Miroshnik resigned as CEO and was immediately appointed head of the Oktyabrsky district of the city. Read more -->

"Leviathan" received the "Golden globe". Zvyagintsev happy

Film by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan" has won a Golden globe as Best foreign language film," reports the Telegraph.Tape competed for the award of the Polish film "IDA" Paul Pawlikowska representing Estonia painting "the Mandarins" Georgian Director Zaza Urushadze, the Israeli drama "Gets: Process Vivian Amsalem" Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz and painting "Force majeure" Swede Ruben Ostlund."We are happy!", said Zvyagintsev, upon receiving the award.The film's interpretation of the history of the biblical job, narrated on the material of modern Russia, and a reference to the eponymous essay famous English philosopher Thomas Hobbes."Leviathan" Zvyagintsev won the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes film festival. The picture also won the prize as "Best foreign film" 32nd international Munich film festival. . . . . Read more -->

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